Salvation Army Surprises Hillcrest PDS Students

Salvation Army Surprises Hillcrest PDS Students
Posted on 09/18/2017
Major Anita Caldwell of The Salvation Army

At the end of the day on Friday, Sept. 16., a line of 63 first-graders made their way into the campus cafeteria at Hillcrest PDS Elementary. Some were ready for the weekend as yawns and sleepy eyes dominated their faces. Others quietly followed procedures - sitting “on their pockets” – and waiting to find out why they’d been gathered together.

Dr. Amy Mathews-Perez, principal of Hillcrest PDS, introduced the group to Major Anita Caldwell of The Salvation Army, who went on to give them a brief summary of what The Salvation Army does and their current efforts in southeast Texas following Hurricane Harvey.

But then, Major Caldwell announced she had a surprise for each of the first-graders. From behind her, she pulled out bags of Disney Infinity Hiro action figures – enough for one brand new, unopened toy for each of the students. Those yawns and sleepy eyes quickly turned into smiles and eyes twinkling with excitement as the students realized the good news.

As the students exited one-by-one, they each greeted Major Caldwell with a smile, a handshake, and a “thank you” as she handed each of them their new toy.

Hillcrest PDS and Waco ISD greatly appreciate the many individuals, businesses and organizations in our community who partner with and support our campuses and students!