WISD CTE Academy Letter Jackets

WISD CTE Academy Letter Jackets
Posted on 09/12/2017

CTE administrators and teachers are excited to announce that seniors can now qualify for a CTE Academy Letter Jacket or Academy Patch.

Applications open September 12, 2017 
Deadline for applications is October 6, 2017
No late applications will be accepted.

To apply go to:
CTE Letter Jacket Application

WISD CTE Academy Letter Jackets
A committee of CTE Sponsors will review Letterman Jacket Applications and approve the list of students receiving jackets/academy patch. Any student who has received a letterman jacket from another organization is eligible for an academy patch, only. This is a UIL rule and a student who tries to secure two jackets will lose his/her amateur standing and will not play amateur sports or will not be able to receive a scholarship.
Career & Technical Education Academy Letterman jacket requirements are as follows:
1. Be senior enrolled in a Career & Technical Education class.

2. Students must have completed or be enrolled to complete a coherent sequence of at least 3 courses, one of which MUST include the junior or senior level capstone course.

3.  Students must qualify under 2 of the following
a.  Served or serving as an Academy Ambassador 
b.  30 hours of a CTE sponsored community service projects (must occur outside the school day) Qualifying community service projects will be determined by each academy and approved by the CTE director.
c.  Competed at the State level of a CTSO (only projects awarded a Blue Ribbon at State qualify)
d.  State or national CTSO officer
e.  Qualify for the National Technology Honor Society (beginning school year 2018-19)
f.  Completed an WISD Internship the summer of 2017

4.  Qualifying Academy GPA of 90 

5.  Students are disqualified from receiving an Academy letter jacket If they have lost credit due to attendance.

6.  Students are disqualified from receiving an Academy letter jacket if they have been assigned to:
DAEP (junior or senior year)
or JJAEP (at any time during their high school career)

*Clubs may not purchase or sponsor the purchase of letterman jackets for those students who do not
qualify for a jacket under these regulations.

Deadline for 2017-18
October 6, 2017 – Late applications will not be accepted