Special Services Personnel

    Campus Special Education
and Special Services Personnel


 Irene Watson  Occupational Therapist
 Leslie Pearcy  Physical Therapist
 LaTonya Richardson  Orientation and Mobility Specialist
 Julia Sohns  Certified Teacher for Visually Impaired
 Katherine Bartlett  Certified Teacher for the Hearing Impaired
 Lisa Jackson  Homebound Teacher
 Kim Trippodo  Social Worker


Alta Vista Elementary School                662-3050

 Cathy Parker   Diagnostician
 Haylee Boyd  Speech/Language Pathologist Assistant 
 Andrea Grimm   Speech Language Pathologist-ASHA
 Leslie Redfield  Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Amy Cosper  Special Education Teacher
 Rebecca Maynard   504 Coordinator

Bell's Hill Elementary                              754-4171       

 Cathy Parker   Diagnostician
 Stephanie Fuqua  Speech Language Pathologist-ASHA
 Debbie Lewis  Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Kim Carroll  Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Dusti Chase  Special Education Teacher
 Erica Rodriguez   Special Education Teacher
 Michel Mickes    Special Education Teacher
 Allison Cornell   504 Coordinator
 Lisa Edwards   504 Coordinator

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Brook Avenue Elementary                     750-3562

 Cathy Parker      Diagnostician
 Natalee Dixon  Speech/Language Pathologist Assistant 
 Katherine Faver   Speech Language Pathologist-ASHA
 Leticia Hinojosa  Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Martha Reasor   Special Education Teacher
 JoDee Heyduck   504 Coordinator

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Cedar Ridge Elementary                         756-1241          

 Shanna Denson   Diagnostician
 Elizabeth Updegrove   Speech Language Pathologist-ASHA
 Elizabeth Kelly   Licensed Specialist in School Psychology
 Brandy Kirven  Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Alpha Coburn   Special Education Teacher
 Shari Boardman  Special Education Teacher
 Jennifer Serrato  504 Coordinator

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Crestview Elementary                             776-1704

 Tammy McCulloch   Diagnostician
 Angela Adams   Speech/Language Pathologist Assistant 
 Andrea Grimm    Speech Language Pathologist-ASHA
 Kim Littlewood   Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Julie Vines  Special Education Teacher
 Jennifer Sargent     Special Education Teacher
 Danette McIntyre   504 Coordinator
 BobbyJo Wilhelm  504 Coordinator

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Dean Highland Elementary                    752-3751      

 Jessica Gastler   Diagnostician
 Haylee Boyd   Speech/Language Pathologist Assistant 
 Katherine Faver     Speech Language Pathologist-ASHA
 Brandy Kirven   Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Amber Jaime   Dyslexia Specialist
 Lynn Weithman  Special Education Teacher
 Thia Allen    504 Coordinator
 Cari McNally  504 Coordinator

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Hillcrest PDS Elementary                         772-4286

 Barbara Cude   Diagnostician
 Elizabeth Updegrove  Speech Language Pathologist-ASHA
 Kim Littlewood   Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Amber Jaime   Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Bonnie Zurell    Special Education Teacher
 Rebecca Braswell   Special Education Teacher
 Nancy Dominguez  504 Coordinator

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J. H. Hines Elementary                            753-1362

 Barbara Cude   Diagnostician
 David Rehfeld   Speech Language Pathologist-ASHA
 Kim Carroll  Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Helen Anness  Special Education Teacher
 Joyce Hall  Special Education Teacher
 Whitney Steele   Special Education Teacher
 Julie Guidry  504 Coordinator

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Kendrick Elementary                               752-3316         

 Robin Gray   Diagnostician
 Natalee Dixon Speech/Language Pathologist Assistant 
 Katherine Faver   Speech Language Pathologist-ASHA
 Jana Ziegler   Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 James Hoskins  Special Education Teacher
 Vickie Wurbs  Special Education Teacher
 Dina Hoffman  Counselor/504 Coordinator

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Lake Air Montessori Magnet                 772-1910

 Barbara Cude   Diagnostician
 Aimee Clendennen  Speech Language Pathologist-ASHA
 Elizabeth Updegrove   Speech Language Pathologist-ASHA
 Kelly Carbonara   Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Gana Leggett    Special Education Teacher
 Heidi MacPherson    Special Education Teacher
 Jo Lackey  Special Education Teacher
 Dr. Mary Nied Phillips  504 Coordinator

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Mountainview Elementary                    772-2520

 Jessica Gastler  Diagnostician
 Angela Adams Speech/Language Pathologist Assistant 
 Andrea Grimm     Speech Language Pathologist-ASHA
 Jana Ziegler   Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Anna Coe    Special Education Teacher
 Melissa Pritchard  504 Coordinator

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Parkdale Elementary                               772-2170

 Shanna Denson   Diagnostician
Aimee Clendennen 
 Speech Language Pathologist-ASHA
 Leslie Redfield   Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Renee Jordan  Deaf Education Teacher
 Devon Sharp  Special Education Teacher, PPCD
 Susan Moody  Special Education Teacher
 Kathy Densmore  Assistant Principal/504 Coordinator

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Provident Heights Elementary             750-3930

 Tammy McCulloch  Diagnostician
 Kaelyn Curry   Speech Language Pathologist-ASHA
 Amber Jaime  Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Lois Wolf   Special Education Teacher
 Courtney Whitaker  504 Coordinator

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South Waco Elementary                         753-6802

 Tammy McCulloch   Diagnostician
 Lisa Yoder-DuBus  Speech Language Pathologist-ASHA
 Leticia Hinojosa  Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Andrea Clendennen  Deaf Education Teacher
 Linda Price  Special Education Teacher
 Cynthia Hudson   Special Education Teacher
 KTanna Deering  Special Education Teacher/PPCD
 Melanie Gloff    504 Coordinator/Counselor

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West Avenue Elementary                      750-3900

 Robin Gray  Diagnostician
 Kaelyn Curry  Speech Language Pathologist-ASHA
 Elizabeth Kelly  Licensed Specialist in School Psychology
 Laurie Truitt   Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Margaret McGinness  Special Education Teacher
 Patricia Adams  Special Education Teacher
 Nikitha Hartfield  504 Coordinator 

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Middle Schools


Cesar Chavez PDS Middle School    750-3736

 Becky Dorsey  Diagnostician
 Jessica Chapman  Speech/Language Therapist
 Jennifer Hubble  Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Lance Harris    Special Education Teacher
 Aaron Fanning    Special Education Teacher
 Jose Perez   Special Education Teacher
 Donna Azbell  504 Coordinator/Counselor
 Julie Murdock    Counselor

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G. W. Carver Middle School       757-0787

 Robin Gray   Diagnostician
 Jessica Chapman  Speech/Language Therapist
 Melody Terrell  Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Shakeyeria Barnett  Special Education Teacher
 Shawna Underwood   Special Education Teacher
 Vicki Spencer  Special Education Teacher
 Janeigh Jones   504 Coordinator

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Indian Spring Middle School     757-6200

 Shanna Denson   Diagnostician
 Natalee Dixon    Speech/Language Pathologist Assistant 
 Andrea Grimm   Speech Language Pathologist-ASHA
 Joanna Smith   Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Craig Emmett    Special Education Teacher
 Shannon Estelle    Special Education Teacher
 Brettney Walker    Special Education Teacher
 Angela Kusler   504 Coordinator
 Desiree Hardeman  504 Coordinator

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Tennyson Middle School     772-1440

 Jessica Gastler  Diagnostician
 Jessica Chapman   Speech/Language Therapist
 Afton Brown  Licensed Specialist in School Psychology
 Haley Slaughter   Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Rebekah Raabe  Special Education Teacher
 Todd Nafe   Special Education Teacher
 Kimberly Haynes   Special Education Teacher
 Kenneth Hare   Special Education Teacher
 Lucious Cotton   Special Education Teacher
 Amy Barrett   504 Coordinator
 Ashley Larkey   504 Coordinator

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High Schools


Waco High School                                     776-1150

 Debi Tindle     Diagnostician
 Mary Mynar   Diagnostician
 Craig Zost  Diagnostician
 Jessica Chapman  Speech/Language Therapist
 Sherry Carriere   Licensed Specialist in School Psychology
 Holly Jones    Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Bervin Brown  Special Education Teacher
 Billy Overshown  Special Education Teacher
 John Knox  Special Education Teacher
 Julie Richardson  Special Education Teacher
 Jennifer Strickland   Special Education Teacher
 MaryJo Sanders   Special Education Teacher
 Amber Newcomb  Special Education Teacher
 Scott Taylor   Special Education Teacher
 Janessa Holles   Special Education Teacher
 Mitchell Holcomb  Special Education Teacher
 Tiffany Tomberlin  Special Education Teacher
 Elizabeth Velasco  504 Coordinator

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University High School                            756-1843

 Barbara Pisar Earnest  Diagnostician
 Lisa Yoder-DuBus  Speech Language Pathologist-ASHA
 Holly Jones   Dyslexia Instructional Specialist
 Jeffrey Nuner   Special Education Teacher
 Stephen Massington  Special Education Teacher
 Travis Gibson   Special Education Teacher
 Tarl Lloyd III  Special Education Teacher
 Willie Carter   Special Education Teacher
 Mark Brickhouse  Special Education Teacher
 Sandra Jones  Special Education Teacher
 Isabel Lozano  Assistant Principal/504 Coordinator/ Special Programs

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Alternative Schools


Brazos High Credit Recovery     754-9422

 Lakeisha Bivens   Special Education Teacher
Valorie Mckamie  
 504 Coordinator

Wiley Opportunity Center      757-382        

 Tiffany Glass        Special Education Teacher
 Sheila Allen  504 Coordinator

McLennan County Challenge Academy

 Gauthama Thompson  Special Education Teacher         
 Carrie Ocampo   504 Coordinator

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