Waco High School CTE Student of the Month - September 2018

Waco High School CTE Student of the Month - September 2018
Posted on 09/05/2017
Alexandria (Lexi) Field 
Senior - Academy of Automotive Technology

Ever since I was little I have always dreamed of being a pilot. I always wanted to be able to travel and explore new cultures and societies and being a pilot has given me that opportunity to do just that and so much more. But for me becoming a pilot isn't just a little kids dream, but a reality that is slowly setting in place over the next couple of years.
My father has always taught me that happiness and success come from the people you surround yourself with. Because those people will either pull you down and limit your
possibilities or launch you into opportunities that you never saw for yourself. So for me 30 years from now as long as I'm surrounded by my family and have my career as a pilot my life will be successful.
The things I will need for a successful life. The first is of course my family. They are the main reason why I'm even able to do this. My family has given me unconditional love and support and have continued to push me to accomplish my dreams even when I have wanted to give up. I will also need to go to an aviation school. I have decided to choose from TSTC or Spartan college in Oklahoma for school. Once a receive my trading and degree. I will then be able to move on to commercial piloting.
Automotive has helped me grasp a better understanding of the basic mechanics of how an engine works and functions. When I first started Waco High I was hoping for an aviation course
but sadly those type of classes were discontinued so I decided on automotive to help me gain useful knowledge that I can use for aviation. The course has already proven to be very useful in not only Aviation but it has also given me opportunities to work with major dealerships such as
Allen Samuels and Greg May Honda. Allowing me to have a backup plan if Aviation unfortunately doesn't not work out for me.