Local NonProfit seeks Healthy Outcomes through Prevention and Early Support

Local NonProfit seeks Healthy Outcomes through Prevention and Early Support
Posted on 07/11/2017

aThey're called H.O.P.E.S. for a reason, and this summer they've got a lot going on!

The HOPES Program is a local nonprofit which seeks to provide parents with the education, resources, and support necessary to provide for their child's safety and healthy early childhood development.

The HOPES Program is a Parent as Teachers Affiliate and works with families directly to provide one of the nationally leading early childhood education curriculum. Through one-on-one family engagement, providing parenting workshops throughout the county, and creating collaboration between nonprofits who provide family safety resources, the HOPES Program seeks to equip parents and their community with the tools necessary to provide a safe and healthy environment for families.

This summer the local HOPES Program has a lot planned. Checkout the attached calendar for all the details. They already held a HOPES Family Mayborn Museum Day, but events yet to come include Mom & Baby at the Library on July 27 and Family Movie on the brazos on August 12. That's the same day as Family Fest! What a great time to plan a whole day of Family Fun!

HOPES was kind enough to share their July Newsletter with us and we want to pass the info straight to you. Download the HOPES Program July edition newsletter. It covers their summer events in detail but also includes summer safety tips for kids, a recap of their family events from this past June, some words of wisdom from their Parent Educators and a little 4-1-1 on who and what the HOPES Program is.

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