Confidential Student Report (New for 2017)

Student Portal Screenshot

Dear Parents,

Your students 3-8 state assessment scores are now available in an online format.  Normally, the campus receives a Confidential Student Report (CSR) to send home.  As of June, 2017, those forms have been revised and will look a lot different. The name of the new report is called the STAAR Report Card.  

These report cards will be sent home in and around July 1-7 for grades 3-8.  Students who take the STAAR EOC should receive their STAAR report card between June 19-23.

The good news is that these scores are all available, online, TODAY through the parent portal.  Follow the steps below to locate your student’s STAAR Report Card:

  1. Go to [link opens in new tab]
  2. On the screen click on the red Log into Student Portal button.
  3. Complete the information and click Go.  The access code is found on a former Confidential Student Report (CSR) at the very bottom in fine print.
  4. If you do not know your access code, select Lookup Access Code
  5. Screen will change to asking the questions as below
    • Student’s first name
    • Month, Day, and Year of Birth
  6. Once those are entered, click Go.
  7. A screen will pop up with their access code.
  8. Simply click Go again and it will take you to the page where their scores are located.

After the district receives the paper reports that will be sent home as stated above, the STAAR student report card will also appear, online, as well.  This will be a valuable tool for you to receive your student’s scores in a timely manner.  Please contact your student’s campus should you have questions.