Happy at Hines

Happy at Hines
Posted on 05/30/2017

Ms. Hill has worked with two of my children, through success. She has never given up on my kids and she encourages them to want better.

Through the years I've gotten to know her I can say that she is an amazing person and she loves all her students!

Love u Miss Hill and you are very appreciated. Thanks for all you do.

This is also for Mrs. Plisscott, Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Olgesby. You are the best and thank you for all that you have helped my children with!

Kudo giver's name:

Britnee Bates

Kudo giver's role:

WISD parent

Kudo recipient name(s):

Ms. Veronica Hill

Kudo recipient's location/campus:

J.H Hines Elementary

Visit their official website at jhhines.wacoisd.org.

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