More Praise for Parkdale

More Praise for Parkdale
Posted on 05/31/2017

My daughter just turned 6 and she is in Miss. Gutierrez class (at Parkdale Elementary) for kindergarten. One thing is for sure. Teachers are blessings. They really make a difference and my daughter has been soaking up so much knowledge!!!

My baby told me, "mom, I can't believe you don't believe me. You are not showing trustworthiness in me". You should Have seen my face. Her using that long word and then she used it in the right sentence. I'm so grateful for that teacher and her aid.

My daughter has learned so much. She had no clue how much a quarter is worth or that it was even called a quarter. Now she knows every single coin and how much they are worth.

She uses words every day that just blow me away. I want your school to know that I am grateful for the knowledge my daughter has gained and I thank Ms. G and her aid Ms. Christy.

Kudo giver's name:

Olivia Olvera

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WISD parent

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Ms. Gutierrez, Kindergarten Teacher

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Parkdale Elementary

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