Waco High Lion Pride 2017

Waco High Lion Pride 2017
Posted on 05/22/2017

Araceli Rojas, 10th grade
Being a part of yearbook provides creative experiences such a photography, Photoshop work, page layouts and design ideas. IÕve also learned an appreciation for candid shots that fill the frame, show emotion and when possible interaction.  Being a part of yearbook has taught me to try and capture meaningful photos that others will see for years and years.

Brandi Moore, 12th grade
Being a part of yearbook helped me understand the hard work that you have to put in to a product. The yearbook ends up becoming a part of Waco HighÕs legacy.  I learned how the pictures we took helped Waco High remember our achievements.

Kyra Casey, 11th grade
Being a part of the yearbook has taught me how to take pictures that tell a story.

Nayeli Guerrero, 10th grade
Working on the yearbook taught me school spirit and what graphic design is for.

Jennifer Leal, 10th grade
Seeing the yearbook in print shows me how many achievements we accomplished this year at Waco High.

Mireya Ramirez, 12th
Being a part of yearbook has taught me to see that the pictures we take are very important and will forever be memorable to a lot of people.  It makes me feel proud of myself that I had a big part in our schoolÕs year.

Brittany Meeks, 12th grade
Working on the yearbook taught me that there are more than on or two ways to take a photo.  From the setting or the lighting, to the angle of view or even the subject.  I learned with the right setting and lighting you can completely change the mood of the photo.  One simple adjustment a shot can be a completely different photo.  

Charles Petree, CTE teacher
In most schools the yearbook has been a product of a small number of journalism or English students who leave a good deal of the production to the yearbook company.  In our school it is a product of photography and graphic design students.  Over one hundred students can each say they had some experience in the production of a book that leaves our Waco High classroom press ready and is printed and distributed before graduation.  Some graphic design students were very surprised to see other students lined up at our door to pick up the book.  It finally hit them that they had produced a commercial product.