Waco High School - May 2017 Student of the Month

Waco High School - May 2017 Student of the Month
Posted on 05/01/2017

        My dreams are like the sun, they’re too bright to see. I plan on having a promising future benefitting not only me, but also those around me. Upon graduation from this wonderful high school, Waco High School,  I am considering several career paths in which I know I can be successful. These include architectural design, audio/video production, automotive engineering, computer technology, and even teaching.

      When looking back in thirty years, I’m confident that I will consider my life to successful. Realizing the drive I have in high school now, I can only imagine my determination in the future.
 Considering my interests stated above, I know I will require a college degree. I am interested in attending a Texas college like Abilene Christian University or the University of Texas at


    I am currently enrolled in Waco High’s Academy of  Architecture and studying design. I can certainly imagine this leading to my ultimate career in thirty years. To me, success isn’t given, but rather it is earned.  I think I have the drive to earn every bit of it. Again, my goals in life are not  just for me, but also to help others. I can see myself building a home for a family. In thirty years, I want my success to be a positive impact on someone’s life.