University High School May 2017 Student of the Month

University High School May 2017 Student of the Month
Posted on 05/01/2017

UHS    UHSAlan Llamas

My name is Alan Llamas, I have been chosen to be the CTE student of the month. I am in the automotive program; this program is a program that can really help someone out later in life. How you may ask? This program can help you save hundreds of dollars just by knowing little things like changing oil and how to diagnose problems, on the other side it can also make you get big sums of money for doing one small job like an alignment.

        This is a program I got into to help me know more about vehicles so every time something happens I won’t have to take it to a mechanic. Do I plan on making this my career, well I don’t really know about it being my main one. I will for sure go to college for this though to have it like a side hobby because I really love working on cars. I do plan on having my own little shop when I’m like in my older years, working on cars is something I always want to be involved in

          I am a senior at University High school and for college I plan to go to TSTC. My plan is to go there and learn about cars and also to be a technician, I want a degree from those two fields. When I finish I know that those two careers will really be beneficial in my life especially since there is a lot of money to be made especially in the automotive field.

            Besides the money and all that Automotive has been very beneficial to me it has taught me to be more independent, to solve problems myself and it’s a great program for me because I am a hands-on person and this is what the program offers and that’s hands on work. Just because this academy is hands on and you do have to figure out things at times doesn’t mean your all alone this program has a great teacher who really loves what he is doing, Garry my teacher is always there for when a question needs to be asked he will always check up on everyone and even though we do a lot of work on our own we have him to look after us to make sure everything gets done correctly for anyone who considers to get in this program you should it’s a great field that you will be using in the real world. A little side note what’s great about this class is that Garry isn’t just our teacher he is like a friend to everyone he always helps us with our problems and always gives us advice about how the real world is so 10 out 10 I would recommend this class to anyone…