UHS Counseling & Mental Health Update

UHS Counseling & Mental Health Update
Posted on 04/25/2017
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LaDarious Young, Jaylah Sterling, Tanaisa Taylor and Talisha Dickerson explore career opportunites online in their 2nd period Counseling and Mental Health class

In Counseling and Mental Health, we just finished exploring different careers in the occupational outlook handbook online.  The students then interviewed professionals in order to learn more about the fields they were interested in and what types of skills and training would be necessary to obtain these jobs.  We also practiced writing our own resumes and then held a practice interview in class.  These are some quotes from students about what they learned:

"I learned how to write a resume and that it's important to keep track of your accomplishments, volunteer work, or experiences.  And, I could try to get more stuff to put on my resume."- Passion Salazar

"Dress to impress, firm handshake, look in their eyes but not stalkery like, fill out as much as you can on your application.  There is a big variety of careers that anyone would like on Occupational Outlook Handbook."- Alison Maugham

"Looking over applications helps me know what to do when looking for a job.  It helps me prepare myself."- Alizae Sanchez

"Making good impressions is very important to get a job."- Karla Castro

"Lately I've been learning tips for when I go to an interview.  I know how to properly fill out an application and how to make a proper resume.  I also got a lot more insight from a nurse's point of view, so now I know what it will be like."  Lyrik Taylor

"It takes a lot of time to fill out an application.  Made me learn to always be respectful and on time for interviews and work."- Joanna Perez

"I learned that I need to get involved in a lot more things so that my resume doesn't look so blank." Amelia Pina

"You have to make a good impression...even if you don't get the job, they could get you another job, which is called networking."- Nereida Navarro

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