Poet Bagert visits Lake Air

Poet Bagert visits Lake Air
Posted on 03/16/2017

Lake Air Montessori Magnet school had the fortunate opportunity to welcome poet Brod Bagert to their campus recently. Brod had a very special message for the students. Simply put, don't be afraid to write poorly on your first try. In fact, everyone writes their worst on their first attempt. The trick is to rewrite and rewrite until its good. That's the key.

Bagert’s life as a children’s author began when his eight-year-old daughter asked him to write a poem for her to perform in her school elocution program. To make the poem more performance friendly he wrote it in his daughter’s voice, the voice of an eight-year-old girl. That was the beginning of what would eventually become one of the identifying characteristics of Bagert’s poetry: poems are written in the voice of the audience for whom the poetry is intended. In a poem for kindergarteners, he writes in the voice of a kindergartener. In a poem for sixth-graders, he writes in the voice of a sixth-grader. The result is a body of performance-friendly poetry in which children hear their own voices, engage their own thoughts, and discover their own innermost feelings.

Brod Bagert (born 1947) is a children's poet from New Orleans. He has written 19 books of poetry for children, young-adults, and adults. His work has received numerous awards including the International Reading Association’s prestigious Young Adults Choices award, the Association of Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award, the Independent Publisher Gold Book Award, and Mom’s Choices Gold Medal. He lives in New Orleans with Debby, his wife of 43 years.