UHS-JROTC Birdville Competition Results

UHS-JROTC Birdville Competition Results
Posted on 02/23/2017

The long awaited drill results are in from this past weekends drill competition.

Male Physical Fitness Team #1:  

Joseph Portillo
Ramon Canales
Jose Luciano
Zebastian Evans

4th place overall
3rd place team sit-ups
3rd place individual medal (sit-ups)

2nd place individual medal (100 yard dash) 

Male Physical Fitness Team #2:

Eric Reece
Fabian Botello
Bryan Jasso
Laquan Quinton

2nd Place overall
1st place team sit-ups

3rd place individual medal 

Female Physical Fitness Team:

Esmeralda Castelan
Arexy Deleon
Janet Moreno
Viviana Guerra

3rd Place overall
2nd place team push-ups
3rd place team sit-ups

Other members of JROTC that competed on Saturday but fell short of placing included our Female Color Guard. These ladies continue to improve at every competition and soon will bring home the gold. Members include:

Jackly Zavala
Maria Regaldo
Melissa Chavez
Ashley Arocha

Female Color Cuard

We want thank all of our cadets for their hard work and dedication to University High School and it's community. Please reach out to all these competitors and thank them for a job well done. HOOAH!!!

Enjoy the pics