Waco ISD Superintendent Search draws 59 applicants

Waco ISD Superintendent Search draws 59 applicants
Posted on 02/21/2017

Waco ISD

The search to find a replacement for retiring superintendent Dr. Bonny Cain has drawn the attention of nearly 60 applicants, according to Executive Search Services, the Texas Association of School Boards group hired to manage the process.

Monday night at midnight was the deadline to apply, and 59 people completed an online application to be considered by the Waco ISD Board of Trustees. That number is more than 25 percent higher than 2011, when Cain was hired from a pool of 47 applicants.

"Today’s number validates to us what we've thought all along - that a lot of good things are happening in the District, and a lot of people are interested in coming to Waco,” said Board President Pat Atkins. “We have every confidence the search firm and our Trustees will find a great leader for Waco ISD from that group, a person who will continue pushing us in the right direction taking innovative steps to help our students get a great education."

Details on applicants will not be disclosed to protect their privacy, but there were some out-of-state applicants, according to an ESS spokesperson.

Waco ISD Trustees will begin reviewing the applications Wednesday and will meet March 1 to discuss the candidates. The first round of interviews is scheduled for March 20-22, and Atkins said he expects the Board will talk face to face then with about half a dozen applicants.

The District hopes to name a lone finalist for the superintendent position in April.

Cain, who is 66, has said she will continue leading the District until the end of this school year.