The Benefits of Internships

The Benefits of Internships
Posted on 02/14/2017


An internship is a priceless educational experience that no book or class can ever substitute.

  • Interning builds your skills – regardless of whether you intern in architecture, law, automotive technology, or just about any other field, internships allow you to develop professional skills beneficial to your future career. A summer internships will provide personal and professional growth to help you prepare for working in the real world, and may also help you one day land that your dream job.
  • Interning helps you stand out – get noticed and get rewarded for your hard work. By choosing to intern, you will demonstrate to college admissions officers that you are proactive and serious about your future and also possess the skill set to be successful in their programs.
  • Interning provides you with invaluable resources – be prepared to make industry connections that will last a lifetime. Plus, you can earn a glowing letter of reference.
  • Interning gives you hands-on experience – discover and explore your areas of interest and develop practical, real-world skills and experience.
  • Interning helps refine your career goals – whether you love your internship or discover the industry may not be right for you, a summer internship offers you the chance to make an informed decision about your college and career plans before committing to a university, field of study, or full time job.