Waco High School November 2016 Student of the Month

Posted on 11/01/2016
    November 2016
Zariah Young
Grade: 10th
Academy: Health Science

I am Zariah Young, and I am a devoted member of the Waco High Academy of Health Science.  When I was only a few years old, I remember my mother reading massive medical books. She studied for hours upon hours to become the Registered Nurse she is today, and it all started with those books. Later on in my life, I picked up those same books, and I did the same as my mother. Ever since then, I have craved more knowledge about health science.

   Coming from Massachusetts, there’s a surplus of healthcare workers, but barely any classes to suffice the growing population of young minds that dream of healthcare as a career. However, when I moved to Waco, I was flooded with opportunities to further my prior knowledge. The Waco High Academy of Health Science has given me so many opportunities to succeed in life. Everything I have learned here will only help me, as it did for many other students who have graduated and walked down a career path in health science. Because of the Academy, I have gained a deeper understanding of the common practices of the fields in healthcare.

     I couldn’t go without crediting my teachers who have helped me on my way, Mrs. Tara Mulcahy and Mrs. Amy Helpert. They have both been the best and most encouraging teachers, and they have kept me on track towards my goal. When I graduate, I plan on going to Mayo Medical School in Minnesota or Harvard and I plan on receiving a Master's degree in clinical pathology or physiology.