2017 Benefits Information

Health & Prescription Insurance - United Health Care

Waco ISD offers employees a choice of three plans through United Health Care, with the district currently contributing up  to $350.00 per employee per month towards the premium.

Employees with other health insurance coverage may waive insurance with United Health Care and receive $41.66 per month in a Medical Flexible Spending Account (Alternative FSA) to use toward their medical, dental and vision expenses.

For more information on the various benefit plans, please click the links below.

COBRA Notice

CHIP Notice

First Financial

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

There are two types of flexible spending accounts, one for unreimbursed medical and the second for dependent day care. Participation in an FSA program allows a portion of your salary to be redirected to provide reimbursement for these types of expenses on a tax-exempt basis.

Group Life and Voluntary Life Insurance - Sun Life

Waco ISD provides each benefits eligible employee with a $10,000 group term life insurance policy at no cost to the employee. Employees also have the option of electing additional voluntary group life insurance starting with a minimum of $10,000 to a maximum of the lesser of 5 times earnings to $100,000 (in $10,000 increments). Employees may also elect voluntary group life insurance for their spouse and/or dependent children when they elect voluntary life for themselves.

Dental – Met Life Dental

Waco ISD offers a fully insured dental plan which allows you to see whatever dentist you choose, however, if you utilize an in-network provider your savings are greater. In the Waco area there are more than 50 participating providers so there is sure to be one close to your home or job. No waiting periods apply, even for major services.

Vision - Superior Vision

Waco ISD offers a fully insured vision plan which allows you to see a network eye care professional with low copays for exams and materials every 12 months. 

Dental and Vision Discount Plan - QCD

Waco ISD offers a discount dental and vision plan with benefit coverage including no claim forms, deductible, or coverage maximums. Immediate coverage for all pre-existing conditions, orthodontics (braces) for children and adults.\

Disability Insurance - American Fidelity Assurance

This insurance is designed to protect your most valuable asset - your ability to earn an income. The plan will provide you with income (you can insure up to 70% of your salary) should you become disabled, and has various waiting periods you can select depending on when you would like your benefits to begin. There is also a doctor bill benefit payable (if you are sick and miss a full day of work and go to a doctor) up to $50 for illness and up to $150 per non-disabling injury.

Hospital Confinement Indemnity (Medical Gap) - Aflac

This policy is a supplemental plan and in order to select this coverage the employee and/or their dependents must also be enrolled on the group medical plan. This benefit helps you fill the gaps, such as deductible, copayment and coinsurance not covered by your major medical plan, and protects against those out-of-pocket expenses that occur when it comes to your family's health care. Two plans are available to choose from so employees may pick a plan that best meets their needs.

Permanent Life Insurance - Texas Life

Employees are offered the opportunity to purchase individual and dependent permanent life insurance at very reasonable rates (age-based). This benefit is permanent, payroll deducted and portable should you leave or retire from the district.

Critical Illness - Met Life

Protect yourself, your family and your finances by purchasing a critical illness policy, which pays a lump sum benefit when you are diagnosed with a critical illness.

  • MetLife Group Critical Illness Policy

Cancer Plan - American Fidelity & MetLife

Cancer insurance is designed to be a supplement and pays for many of the costs not covered by your major medical. This plan pays in addition to other coverage you may have. Met life offers a lump sum payment if diagnosed with cancer.

Accident Insurance - American Fidelity

This plan pays directly to the employee, not the doctors or hospitals for covered expenses related to accidents. This plan can help with medical expenses and living costs when you get hurt unexpectedly.

United Health Care

First Financial