Waco ISD campuses show support for No Bullying Day

Waco ISD campuses show support for No Bullying Day
Posted on 10/04/2016

No Bullies here!

It was anti-bullying day across Waco ISD Monday as all employees and students were encouraged to wear a blue shirt to send the message collectively.

Kendrick Elementary

No Bullies here!Kendrick Elementary students and staff took the Stomp Out Bullying nationwide campaign to new heights Monday afternoon. Nearly 600 of them formed a peace sign behind the campus to let people know they are against any form of bullying.

Many thanks to Waco's Fire 

No Bullies here!

Department, too, for sending out their ladder truck from Station 11 on Imperial Drive, along with firefighters Phillip Burnett, Brad Webb, and Tyler Bullard. They help us get that great aerial view of Principal Tonya Coleman's great idea. 

Great job by Kendrick Elementary for giving the movement a great look!

No Bullies here!

Bell's Hill Elementary


No Bullies here!In an effort to address bullying, H-E-B has launched a new initiative that will have a great impact among second-grade students in schools across Texas.

At Bell's Hill Elementary School, Justin Venegas with H-E-B read from the book, "Chrysanthemum" to three groups of second-graders.

The book, written by Kevin Henkes, is a picture book about a little mouse named Chrysanthemum. She loves her very unusual name until she is teased about it at school. Her friends say the name is too long. With 13 characters, it has half the number of letters in the alphabet. But Chrysanthemum's music teacher saves the day when she decides to name her new born baby Chrysanthemum.

No Bullies here!Approximately 112 students heard the anti-bullying message at school today, which was reinforced with a hug or a handshake from H-E-Buddy, the friendly, life-size grocery sack that children love.

The program is called the H-E-B Buddy League, with the mantra of "Be a Buddy, Not a Bully." The project promotes and inspires kindness, respect and leadership to second graders, engaging them in a variety of activities that teach inclusive behavior and recognizes students for having the courage to stand up to bullying.

Cedar Ridge

Cedar Ridge Kids show their support too!

No Bullies here!