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Welcome to our Fun Page for High School Students!

These links take students to entertaining and educational web sites. However students can link to sites from these that are not age appropriate.

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Discovery Channel - Games & Simulations

Project Earth
Take a crack at reversing climate change with big, crazy science.

Mission: Planet Earth
Think you've got what it takes to produce the Planet Earth programs? Try your hand at our game to find out.

NASA Mission Control
Can you dock a Gemini capsule in space? How about flying a lunar module and bringing it down safely on the moon? Test your astronaut skills.

Find new ways of preserving and protecting sharks by risking life and limb tracking and observing them in their natural habitat.

Deadliest Catch Game
See how you'd fare as skipper of a crab boat on the wild Bering Sea for a season.

Man vs. Wild Game
Fill in for Man vs. Wild's Bear while he's busy climbing Mt. Everest for the third time. Find out if you have what it takes to survive the wild plains of Africa.

Destroyed in Seconds
Man-made power or the hand of nature? See how the forces of destruction stack up.

Cash Cab Trivia Game
How would you fare in the Cash Cab? Brush up on the trivia -- play now!

Frontier Alaska
Think you've got what it takes to survive in the rugged Alaskan wilderness? Play the game to find out.

Evolution Game
Play Darwin and create a species that will survive 1 million years of evolution.

Extreme Earth Challenge
See how you fare in the Grand Canyon, the Sahara Desert, and Great Barrier Reef and other extreme locations.

Life of a Crime
Test your crime trivia knowledge from crime scene to criminal trial.

Life or Death: Lost at Sea
Dream cruise or death trap? Your ship is sinking and it's up to you to stay alive. See how you fare on the high seas.

Life or Death: Snow Survival
Stranded in a winter wonderland? It's not as pleasant as it sounds — especially when it means life or death. What would you do to survive?

Life or Death: In the Jungle
Your helicopter crashes on a jungle island. Think you can make it out alive? Explore an interactive island and find out.

Solar Symphony Game
Can you keep the solar system spinning before time runs out?

Armchair General
Weed out the real military know-it-alls from the pretenders.

Trace Evidence
Solve puzzles to unlock murder evidence. Trust us, it's not as easy as it seems.

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