Delegates in Nashville

Delegates in Nashville
Posted on 11/13/2015

Four Waco High School students recently represented their community at a National League of Cities conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Sandra Arias, Madai Guerrero, Bryan Lopez and Kristen Petree served as delegates of the City of Waco Youth Council, an organization they joined last year.

In Nashville, the four youth delegates learned about building safe, healthy and educated communities throughout the nation. The students experienced networking opportunities with other youth delegates, listened to numerous keynote speakers and became even more inspired about their voice in city government.

The Waco Youth Council consists of 17-25 students from schools throughout the Waco area. First formed in 1999, the Waco Youth Council serves in an advisory roll to the Waco City Council about important issues relative to Waco's youngest population. Other purposes of the Waco Youth Council include learning about the role of city government, encouraging youth participation and responsibility as citizens, and serving as youth ambassadors for the Waco as the four Waco High students did in Nashville.