WHS Academy of Business and Marketing Visits Cowboy Stadium

Posted on 11/06/2015

Last week my business class and I took a trip to the Cowboys stadium in Arlington. As there were a lot of cowboys fans among us, the anticipation of walking out on to the field grew as we arrived. To start our day we got to play on the field with our classmates and other schools kids. After catching some awesome passes, we got together in the middle of the field and took a group photo. Then it was time for the real tour to start.

We started in the press box. As fans we had a lot of questions. I was amazed that after each one asked, our tour guide snapped an answer right back. This was cool because even the random questions had answers. The best part of the trip was going into the suites on the top of floor. We watched kids playing on the field and the big screen.  When walking out, I asked where the coaches sat.  I am going to UTA for coaching and it’s something I always wanted to know. After the tour guide told me. he also informed me that the stadium hires college students.  Student employees work with the stadium staff and get work experience. This made me melt, because I now know I have the opportunity to apply to work in a pro football environment.  This is exciting and amazing. 

We toured college Cotton Bowl room where they had a helmet from the University of Texas Longhorns - my favorite team. At the end of the tour, we got a big packet with our photo and more information about the team. All in all, I loved going to the stadium. From the field to the chairs in the suites, I learned so much. I can say I am a bigger Cowboys fan now and I also better understand the business of running a stadium.

Written by
Jesse Ferguson
WHS Senior