Campus Web Teams

We at Waco ISD value the efforts of our campuses in maintaining their websites. A few short years ago, only a handful of campuses even had a website. We believe that the campus websites offer a front line proactive effort to maintain the lines of communication between parents, students, teachers and campus administrators.

The campus website teams are comprised of teachers, staff and administrators who volunteer their time to keep their sites current. It is a monumental task and we thank them for it. Their efforts are truly appreciated and we want to recognize them in the lists below.

If you are a Waco ISD parent, student, teacher, administrator or a Waco citizen and you want to thank them personally for their work on the websites, we ask that you complete a Waco ISD Kudos form online. We will make sure they receive your kind messages of support.

Campus Website Campus Website
Alta Vista Elaine Koenig Carver Diane Buxkemper
  Lindsey Helton Cesar Chavez Stacy Wilson
Bell's Hill Stephanie Trowbridge   Janice Whiting
Brook Avenue Sarah Pedrotti   Isabel Lozano
  Jessica Torres   Suzanne Hamilton
Cedar Ridge PDS Erin Lange Indian Spring Bradley Wright
  Dawn Griffin   Amende
  Paula White Tennyson Colton Gillenwater
  Jennifer Zane University High Bill Taverner
Crestview Kevin Rivera   Kristin Cunningham
Dean Highland Cari McNally UHS JROTC Montelongo
Hillcrest Amy Mathews-Perez Waco High Kathy Hill
J.H. Hines Robin Newman WHS JROTC  
Kendrick Andrea Moore Brazos High CRC Jennifer Kunz
LAMM Dr. Mary Phillips Wiley Opportunity Center  
  Dr. De Torres GWAHCA Krystal Wilson
Mountainview Colby Blackwell   Tom McClintock
  Melissa Pritchard   Ebony Stewart
  Nyana Tran   Lenny de la Rosa
Parkdale Melissa Tinney GWAMA Tom McClintock
Provident Heights Courtney Whitaker   Ebony Stewart
South Waco Sigrid Whitford    
West Avenue Carolyn Green