New Faces In Waco ISD 10-12-2015

New Faces in Waco ISD 10-12-2015
Posted on 10/12/2015

New Faces in Waco ISD 10-12-2015

Join us in welcoming our newest Waco ISD employees.

Sarah Glenn - Aide/Literacy - Provident Heights
“Waco ISD has allowed me to build a stable foundation for my family. It also has given me a chance to flourish as an educator.”


Maria Reyes - Cafeteria Worker - CNS
“I worked for Waco ISD 5 years ago.  I missed working here. I am happy to be back. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to come back.”


Destiny McGowan - Aide/Literacy - Dean Highland
“I am excited to work for Waco ISD because I love the children.  I want to be a part of all their learning processes.”


Sallie Carter - Aide/Literacy - South Waco
“I am excited to work with the children and making a difference in their lives.”


Anailia Cuellar-Saeus - Aide/Literacy - Bells Hill
"I am excited to make a difference in children's lives and I am glad that Waco ISD has given me this great opportunity!"



Ivette Villagomez - Aide/Literacy - Provident Heights
"I am a hard worker and a team player.  I enjoy working with children and their families."



Adrienne Davis - Aide/Literacy - Dean Highland
"It is important to care about the academia in our city, our state and our nation.  I am excited to encourage children to embrace the opportunity of a solid education."


Joseph Williams - Aide/Behavior - Tennyson Middle
"I will give 100% to everything I do, and I plan to be a blessing to everyone I come in contact with.  I am excited to have the opportunity to be a positive role model to a lot of kids."