Mountainview recognized for student achievement

Mountainview recognized for student achievement
Posted on 11/21/2011
Mountainview Elementary School has been recognized as part of the National Center for Educational Achievement (NCEA) 2011 “Just for the Kids” Campaign for Higher Performing Schools in Texas.

NCEA identifies higher performing schools that meet one or both of the following criteria over the most recent three years: 1) students experience above-predicted growth based on a value-added analysis, or 2) above-predicted percentage of continuously enrolled students score at the Commended level on the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS).  Both measures identify schools that perform unusually well given the student demographics they serve.

The National Center for Educational Achievement (NCEA) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization whose mission is to help students in kindergarten through twelfth-grade reach college and career readiness.  Since 1995, NCEA has used longitudinal data to raise student achievement and to promote successful educator practices.  NCEA carries out data analysis, research, advocacy and program development that promote high academic standards and student achievement throughout kindergarten through 12th grade to help more students reach college and career readiness.

The NCEA's Just for the Kids initiative provides the public with information about school success. The initiative's web-based resources have grown to include college and career readiness, school performance reports and interactive lists of higher performing schools.