Prosper Waco kicks off with event

Prosper Waco kicks off with event
Posted on 02/20/2015

Inaugural event highlights Collective Impact Model


Waco ISD is pleased to be involved in the Greater Waco Collective Impact Initiative, commonly known as Prosper Waco.

The mission of Project Waco is to build an environment in which all members of our Waco community are able to measurably improve their education, health and financial security.

The genesis Prosper Waco actually occurred in 2004 with the Waco Community Visioning Project under the leadership of Mayor Mae Jackson who unexpectedly passed away in February 2005.

Virginia DuPuy, elected mayor in 2005, was instrumental in forming the Greater Waco Education Alliance. After organizing several well-attended education summits, DuPuy realized that education of the local citizenry could not improve without simultaneously addressing health and poverty issues.

Prosper Waco brings together under one umbrella a number of measurable goals in the three stated areas.


  • Increase the number of kindergarten students who arrive to school ready to learn
  • Increase the reading proficiency of all students
  • Increase the post-secondary success of students…career ready or degrees


  • Increase number of people with health insurance
  • Decrease food insecurity with healthy food availability
  • Increase wellness
  • Reduce teen pregnancy

Financial Security

  • Increase the employment rate among 16-24 year olds
  • Double the post-graduation success of economically disadvantaged students

On February 18, 2015, more than 500 interested citizens attended the inaugural event of Prosper Waco to provide additional input and receive their first glimpse of the Collective Impact Model for Waco.

For more information about Prosper Waco, please watch an in-depth interview with Executive Director Matthew Polk and visit