Mission Waco honors WISD

Mission Waco honors WISD
Posted on 02/04/2015

Proud WISD Staff

Dr. Cain accepts the award

Waco ISD has been named a Mission Waco "Business Partner of the Year" for 2014. The award was presented at Mission Waco's annual banquet last night at the Waco Convention Center.

Jimmy Dorrell, executive director of Mission Waco, says the district is being honored for its donation of time, willingness to hire personnel trained by Mission Waco, and participation in numerous events throughout the year.

"Sometimes urban school districts get picked on and that makes me a little upset," Dorrell stated last night. "There's not a school district in this state working harder than Waco ISD to become the school system all of us want it to be. They need your support."

"Congratulations to the entire Waco ISD team," added Superintendent Bonny Cain. "And thank you for what you're doing for 'the least of these.'"