New Faces in Waco ISD 01-05-2015

New Faces in Waco ISD 01-05-2015
Posted on 01/14/2015

New Faces in Waco ISD

This week was the first new employee orientation of the new year and Waco ISD is pleased to welcome several new faces.


Scott Evans – Custodian Lead

“I am excited about climbing the ladder to better myself and gain more experience.” 


Laura Hegedus – 6th Grade Science

   James Travis Pfennig – Grant Accountant
   Hannah Rawles – Pre- K Teacher

Lashamequa Shawntee Reed – College and Career Prep Specialist

“I am an alum of Waco ISD, returning to Waco after 20 years. It is a privilege and honor to be an educator, and to be in a position to contribute to the success of our students. Passion and dedication are my two motivators and areas of influence.” 
  David Rehfeld – Speech Pathology Clinical Fellow