My best wishes to you for a Christmas season

My best wishes to you for a Christmas season
Posted on 12/19/2014

As the air chills, days get shorter and we come to the close of another fall semester, I extend my best wishes to you for a Christmas season that is happy, peaceful and nourishing.

The Christmas story reminds us of the power of one.  One child changed the future of humanity.

You are just one person; but because of you, a child will learn to read.  Because of you, a young adult will have the confidence to succeed after graduation.  Because of you, children will become adults with the ability to support themselves and their families.  Because of you, students get warm, nutritious meals.  Because of you, our buildings are in repair.  Because of you, teachers and students have clean, comfortable classrooms.  Because of you, children play music, sing, dance, and shine on stage.  Because of you, payroll gets out and WISD's bills get paid.  Because of you, WISD children have a better opportunity for successful lives.  Because of you, the rest of us are safe.  

Thank you for giving the gift of yourself.

May God bless you and your family this holiday season -
Bonny Cain