ELL Department Helps Parents Learn English

ELL Department Helps Parents Learn English
Posted on 10/15/2014
Rosetta Stone Give Away Milissa

Due to the large number of newcomers to our school district, the ELL department purchased 250 Rosetta Stone licenses for newcomers in grade 3-12.  In addition, the department is providing boxes of Rosetta Stone to families learning English.  ELL Content Specialists are actively participating in parent lunches, PTA meetings, fall festivals and other events where they provide strategies and ideas for interacting with their students to increase academic success.

During many of the meetings, door prizes consisting of Rosetta Stone software in English is provided to families with a primary language other than English, who have a computer at home. 

Currently, Waco I.S.D. serves students who speak different languages, and there are currently 13 languages spoken by various students.  The parents who have received the program seem very excited.  It will take about 40–50 hours to complete the content in each level.

The ELL Department encourages parents who speak a native language other than English to learn English as well.  In so doing, the children will have opportunity to learn English and progress academically at an accelerated rate. Additionally, by assisting English language learning parents to increase their language skills in English, they will have an opportunity to become more involved in their children’s school and involved in their children’s education.