Last Week

Last Week
Posted on 05/31/2013
The last week of school is exciting yet difficult.  Teachers have spent an entire year forming relationships with students who are moving on.  Nonteaching staff members have spent time forming relationships with fellow employees who may be moving on.  For all those endings, however, there will be new beginnings as different students and new employees come on board. 

Last spring's consolidation brought a fall semester decidedly different for everyone.  A hearty thanks goes out to those on campuses who worked extra hard to make displaced staff members feel welcome on their new campuses.

Have a great week and thank you for your part in the strides made that moved WISD forward this year.  Next year we'll make even greater things happen for our students.
For those leaving us and starting a new chapter in their lives, we wish you well.  For those who have a few months off as well as for those who work through June and July's more relaxed schedule, enjoy the summer months!

Bonny Cain