ESL Peer Tutors

ESL Peer Tutors
Posted on 12/02/2013

Each beginner is being paired up with an advanced-level ELL student for one of their class periods to assist them.  The peer tutors are helping them to become more successful in learning by helping them understand what the teacher is saying,how to complete assignments and anything else they might need help with.  These tutor students do not do the work in those classes and are not there to help these beginners DO the work-- just help them to understand it.  They are encouraged to take notes during any lecture or instructional time, so that when they are able to, they can explain that information to the beginner in small bits in English and Spanish.  The tutors do not replace the teacher. If there is anything the beginner does not understand that the tutor cannot answer, then they are to go to the teacher (as any other student would do.) 

The academic content teachers of the beginners have been welcoming of this program as well.   The tutors meet with Mrs. Peña, ELL teacher at CCMS, every Monday to discuss the previous week’s classes, along with any questions or concerns they have.  The tutors receive a grade from Mrs. Peña based on the documentation they provide to her each week as well as feedback from the beginner and classroom teacher as needed. The goal is to increase acquisition of English for these beginners.  With this program in place, we hope it will yield positive results!   

On a related note, CCMS also has a couple of bilingual Baylor students that come in to assist some of the beginners in the same way,but on a varied schedule.  This has also been helping the beginners.

We are excited about the good things that are happening for our ELL students at CCMS!