West Avenue Elementary: PTA Open House

West Avenue Elementary: PTA Open House
Posted on 09/17/2013

On the road to success at West Avenue Elementary

Parents, students and teachers gather for a fun-filled PTA open house.

It was a fun-filled family evening at West Avenue Elementary on Tuesday, September 10, 2013, as the school hosted its PTA Open House. The activities, which were planned by new Principal Joseph Alexander, were designed to kick-off the school year in a festive way and help get the students motivated for the school year ahead.

WAE: PTA Open HouseThe evening began in the cafeteria with a student performance of patriotic songs and dance,under the direction of the school’s music teacher Brad Forehand. With very little time to prepare, the students mastered such heart-warming classics as,“Texas Our Texas” and “God Bless America.”

A motivational speaker had the entire audience standing, moving, clapping, tapping and singing to the beat of motivational rap songs. A handful of students were invited to join the guest speaker on stage to participate in various acts.

After the performance, Principal Alexander addressed a room full of parents and students,and all seemed happy and excited about the school year ahead. The school’s motto, “On the road to success!” is not just a cliché, but rather, it is a positive daily reminder that hard work will bring rewards.

The second part of the evening commenced when the students proudly led their parents through the school to visit their classrooms and meet their teachers.

That was when Mr. Alexander slipped into his office and made a quick transformation, reappearing as Clifford the Big Red Dog. He greeted students in his furry costume, hoping to make a vivid impression on them by demonstrating that books can come to life. The costume was also used earlier in the day to promote the Scholastic Book Fair in the school’s library.

It was a very busy evening and also a large mile marker along the road to success at West Avenue Elementary.