ATLAS9 students gain insight from Waco High alumni

ATLAS9 students gain insight from Waco High alumni
Posted on 08/09/2013

ATLAS AcademiesDuring the past school year, Waco ISD introduced the ATLAS Academy, serving gifted and talented students in sixth- through eighth- grades from across the District at the Tennyson Middle campus.  That program was such a success that it is being extended into the ninth-grade beginning with the 2013-2014 school year.  

Waco ISD’s Advanced Academics department held an ATLAS9 orientation at Waco High to help familiarize students and their parents with the program and what to expect when they begin high school later this month.  

The school hosted a jam-packed informational session in the cafeteria with a presentation by Larry Carpenter, Assistant Director of Advanced Academics, which included numerous handouts and a question and answer session for parents and students. 

A student dance was held later in the evening, offering students a chance to make new friends and socialize with one another before school begins.  With disco lights up, loud music blaring, and the absence of parents (for the most part), this was probably the most normal part of the evening for the emerging teenagers. 

Sandwiched in the middle of both events was a Waco High alumni college fair, an informal event that presented an opportunity for the ATLAS9 students and their parents to meet and visit with recent Waco High graduates.  The former Waco High students seemed happy to return to their old cafeteria, some sporting their college t-shirts or caps, to share their experiences with the younger students.  The alumni shared information about their time at Waco High and how those experiences better prepared them for college. 

Parents and students who were unable to attend the meeting and would like more information, please contact the Waco ISD Advanced Academics office at 254-755-9473 or email