2013-14 Videos

Posted on 07/07/2014
The annual Dorothy Crippen Hurd Scholarship has been awarded to Marshall Tekell.  more
Posted on 06/17/2014
GT Students from across the district gather at University High School to demo their projects.  more
Posted on 06/16/2014
The AJMA Advisory Board presents 16 scholarships at this year's ceremony.  more
Posted on 06/13/2014
These students are the future lawyers, doctors and other professionals that we will look up to for guidance and leadership.  more
Posted on 06/13/2014
Elementary students at J.H. Hines compete to prove their mastery of spelling. Congratulations to all the competitors for a great showing.  more
Posted on 06/12/2014
Alta Vista Elementary: Ms. Wilhelm's classroom is transformed into a jungle where students learn all about the rain forest.  more
Posted on 06/03/2014
Two Waco ISD school buses will be used to deliver food to 10 remote locations where lack of adequate transportation might prevent children from getting to a campus or other facility where food is being served.  more
Posted on 05/30/2014
Students taking Algebra II at the Greater Waco Advanced Manufacturing Academy will be using data collected by weather balloons to see if their predictions are accurate.  more
Posted on 05/30/2014
Construction begins soon on new building at the Greater Waco Advanced Manufacturing Academy  more
Posted on 05/29/2014
The Waco ISD Board of Trustees honors the retirees of 2014. Thanks for your years of service!  more
Posted on 05/20/2014
Coach Avants introduces the jump rope program at Kendrick Elementary  more
Posted on 05/20/2014
Tammy Boyett, Waco ISD Risk Management & Benefits Supervisor, takes us on a tour of the 2014 Waco ISD Employee Health Fair  more
Posted on 05/20/2014
We wish to recognize the achievements of 78 WHS Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors during the 2013-2014 school year.  more
Posted on 05/19/2014
TMS students, Paige DuPuy & Brigitte Eichenberg are set to go to the National History Fair in College Park, Maryland.  more
Posted on 05/19/2014
A Waco High School student prepares for the National History Fair in College Park, Maryland.  more
Posted on 05/19/2014
Mr. Murphy was recently elected to the Waco ISD School Board District 2 position vacated by Alex Williams.  more
Posted on 05/19/2014
Mr. Joseph Vega, a 1st year 5th grade science teacher at Crestview Elementary, was awarded the Rookie teacher of the year award for 2014.  more
Posted on 05/09/2014
Josh Lawson talks about Waco ISD, Antioch Church and the Mentor Program at Provident Heights.  more
Posted on 05/08/2014
UHS: ALL SYSTEMS, GO! for Rockets 2014 competition in Fredricksburg  more
Posted on 05/08/2014
Dr. Cain pays a surprise visit to the 2013-2014 Teachers and Principal of the Year. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all our teachers and administrators.  more
Posted on 05/07/2014
LEAD Program expose kids to career opportunities in the community  more
Posted on 04/28/2014
The Truancy Court at Waco ISD sees students turn their academic careers around for the better.  more
Posted on 04/28/2014
Educator's Credit Union opens its 9th branch on the campus of University High School  more
Posted on 04/28/2014
Ms. Lloyd's Science class at UHS celebrates Earth Day with the help of a grant from H-E-B.  more
Posted on 04/28/2014
Region 12 & UHS Academies explore career opportunities with kids  more
Posted on 04/25/2014
Ms. Spark at Alta Vista applied for and won a grant from Region XII. She'll use the money to improve the depth and complexity of what her GT kids learn in the classroom.  more
Posted on 04/11/2014
First Lady of the State of Texas, Anita Perry, speaks during the dedication ceremonies.  more
Posted on 04/11/2014
ATLAS Social Studies Teacher, Mary Duty, explains how such a big trip gets organized.  more
Posted on 04/11/2014
Waco High German Teacher introduces this year's German student exchange group.  more
Posted on 04/11/2014
The Waco ISD 2014 Job Fair was bigger than ever, opening its doors to more than just careers in teaching.  more
Posted on 04/08/2014
Early learning in a Pre-K classroom gives children a strong foundation.  more
Posted on 04/02/2014
Parent praises inclusion classroom at Crestview Elementary.  more
Posted on 03/31/2014
Students prepared servings which were judged on taste, creativity and presentation.  more
Posted on 03/28/2014
Jon Englehardt, Dean of Education at Baylor University talks about the Greater Waco Area Superintendents Group  more
Posted on 03/28/2014
GWAMA Partner Spotlight: Caterpillar and facility Manager John Vizner  more
Posted on 03/24/2014
The GWAMA Job Fair is an opportunity for GWAMA students to connect with highly rated employers and in many cases walk away with a job offer and a career right after graduation.  more
Posted on 03/24/2014
Waco High's mock trial team returns once again to the ranks of state competition, an honor they have held for 3 of the past four years.  more
Posted on 03/21/2014
Waco High straight-A student, Alissa Umberger, uses her fantastic camera skills to save the lives of shelter animals.  more
Posted on 03/04/2014
Sophia Martinez of the Waco Police Department presents UHS with a donation of Penal Code Manuals  more
Posted on 02/28/2014
The students of West Avenue Elementary present the 2014 Black History Program  more
Posted on 02/21/2014
Tennyson students observe college classes through remote robotic video link.  more
Posted on 02/18/2014
GWAMA - Bill Flores Visits GWAMA and talks about the Manufacturing Renaissance  more
Posted on 02/10/2014
GWAMA Partner Update: Time Manufacturing and General Manager Don Fratus  more
Posted on 01/30/2014
It's the third annual exhibition night at Mountainview Elementary!  more
Posted on 01/30/2014
Marshall Tekell is the only student in the Greater Waco area to be named to the program of 3000 participants.  more
Posted on 01/21/2014
Approximately 200 Waco ISD 6th-, 7th-, and 8th-graders spent Saturday, January 11, competing at the annual District Middle School UIL Competition.   more
Posted on 01/14/2014
Waco ISD Chief of Police, Ken Boatman, describes his latest tool for protecting Waco campuses.  more
Posted on 01/07/2014
Central Texas Iron Works is the largest structural steel fabricator in North America.  more
Posted on 12/18/2013
Funded by a $10000 grant from the education foundation, 600 plus kids participated this year.  more
Posted on 12/09/2013
Stephanie Nicholson, Special Education Supervisor, and the Waco Comets scrimmage in anticipation of the Area XII Special Olympics Meet.  more
Posted on 12/09/2013
Students at Tennyson Middle School get an up close and personal view of an American Artifact, the Bible used during George Washington's Inauguration.  more
Posted on 12/06/2013
Brandi from the Cameron Park Zoo brings fun and furry (and scaly too!) friends to visit the students at Crestview Elementary.  more
Posted on 12/04/2013
Learning Through the Arts: WE CAN DO IT!  more
Posted on 11/26/2013
AAS Partners, Parkdale Elementary & Kiwanis Seniors of Waco award improving grades with Certificates, t-shirts and pencils for every student who improved their grades. Thank you Kiwanis!!  more
Posted on 11/22/2013
Ms Eddie Forsgard, WISD retiree celebrates her 105th birthday.  more
Posted on 11/21/2013
Glenn Robinson speaks at the afternoon session of the Education Alliance conference in Waco.  more
Posted on 11/21/2013
Ako Kambon speaks at the morning session of the Education Alliance conference in Waco.  more
Posted on 11/20/2013
Waco ISD and campuses honor the Vets of the U.S. Armed Forces with marching bands, posters and fun!  more
Posted on 11/19/2013
Students at Mountainview Elementary are treated to a mix of Russian Song & Dance  more
Posted on 11/18/2013
Students from Lake Air Montessori travel to New York City to attend the GCAP Conference  more
Posted on 11/08/2013
The GWAMA and UHS Robotics teams enter the Rock'em Sock'em Robotic Ring known as BEST Robotics Competition.  more
Posted on 11/08/2013
C-SPAN focuses on educating and urging today's high school and college students to become more active in local, state and national public affairs.  more
Posted on 11/08/2013
Mountainview Elementary is the home of the fastest fifth grader in the district!  more
Posted on 11/08/2013
Proportion Olympics, also known as the CCSM Math Day, is a chance for 8th Grade Math students to relate math to the real world.  more
Posted on 11/07/2013
A touching reunion between recent Army AIT graduate and Mountainview parent, Chris Ash, and his Pre-K son.  more
Posted on 10/18/2013
UHS in partnership with the McLennan County Master Gardeners is greatly expanding their Environmental Studies program with the Greenhouse Project.  more
Posted on 10/18/2013
KWTX Chief Meteorologist, Rusty Garrett introduces Project Tornado to the 3rd, 4th & 5th Graders of West Avenue Elementary  more
Posted on 10/18/2013
Mike Edwards from Sam's Club and Wal-Mart presents gift cards to Carver teachers to help with classroom expenses.  more
Posted on 10/17/2013
Author and Former Student, Tony Castro returns to UHS to talk about his life in Waco and his latest book  more
Posted on 10/17/2013
HPDS: Teacher Rachel Leiber promotes Poetry in the Classroom  more
Posted on 10/10/2013
The Mascots are feeling strong about the 2013 Waco ISD Hall of Fame Game, October 18!  more
Posted on 10/04/2013
Waco ISD is about education, during the school day, and in this case, afterwards too.  more
Posted on 10/04/2013
Attention Football Fans, we need your help in honoring the newest inductees to the WISD Athletics Hall of Fame  more
Posted on 10/02/2013
Steel on the Hill presents OZARKESTRA, a collection of sounds and music from the Ozarks.  more
Posted on 09/27/2013
Former Waco Mayor, Virginia DuPuy, speaks about the Greater Waco Alliances Summit.  more
Posted on 09/18/2013
Parents, students, teachers and Clifford gathered for a fun-filled PTA open house  more
Posted on 09/17/2013
Lake Air Montessori and Tarleton State University partner to promote professional development.  more
Posted on 09/17/2013
Justin Gonzales makes his dream job of policing a reality.  more
Posted on 09/17/2013
Dale introduces 5 AP scholars at Waco High School and they say a little about how they made it.  more
Posted on 09/16/2013
We have two special guests at GWAMA today...  more
Posted on 08/30/2013
The sights and sounds of the first day of school for the 2013-2014 school year!  more
Posted on 08/26/2013
Special Guest Rodney Page shares his experiences and ideas with our teachers.  more
Posted on 08/24/2013
Waco ISD welcomes all the new teachers to the 2013-2014 school year.  more
Posted on 08/23/2013
Antioch Church donates backpacks & school supplies to Provident Heights Elementary  more
Posted on 08/23/2013
Waco ISD Campus Faculty assemble at Convocation to get a head start on the new school year.   more
Posted on 08/22/2013
Wanda Brown and "Coach D" tell us about the Lions Pride Freshman Orientation Camp.  more
Posted on 08/11/2013
Waco ISD and the Waco Business League held a grand opening for the Greater Waco Advanced Manufacturing Academy.  more