Your Love for Those Hurting in West ISD

Your Love for Those Hurting in West ISD
Posted on 05/21/2013
surrounded by supportThe giving hearts at Waco ISD never cease to amaze me!  In less than one week, our students, staff and parents have risen to the occasion and purchased 1,927 t-shirts to benefit West ISD.  That level of generosity means that Waco ISD's actual donation to West ISD will be more than $13,000!  The t-shirt order has been sent in and the shirts will return shortly.  

Enjoy wearing your new t-shirt with jeans June 4-6, but most of all, THANK YOU for your continuing care and concern for our neighbors to the north.  

We have no calculations from the other nine districts participating, and the entire amount will be presented to West ISD as a lump sum check, but it is safe to assume that $25,000 is not an unreasonable expectation.  

West ISD is indeed "surrounded by support".

Bonny Cain