Spotlight on J.H. Hines
Spotlight on J.H. Hines
Posted on 04/26/2013

readingJ.H. Hines ESL students are experiencing growth by making learning fun with more hands on experiences and a lot of differentiation.  We allow children to acquire a rich English vocabulary through the use of meaningful hands-on activities that provide them with opportunities to practice the English language.  Fluency cards,comprehension games, vocabulary match-up games, and math partner games are just some of the hands on activities with which our ESL students are working.  These games and activities make learning English fun!  For instance with vocabulary match up, as students put together the match-ups, they explore prefixes, suffixes, multiple-meaning words and more.  Reading comprehension games focus on inferencing, cause and effect, main idea, vocabulary and other important reading skills while making learning fun. working on games 

Not only do our teachers use games, hands on activities, and manipulatives they are working in small groups, differentiating lessons and using Sheltered Instruction best practices. 

“My ESL students always seem so eager to learn,” says fourth grade ESL teacher Ms. Lane.

writing on boardFourth grade is working on becoming good testers.  STAAR is right around the corner so they are focusing on writing, reading and math and progressing well in all subject areas.  Third graders are also working with test taking skills while at the same time focusing on and mastering the TEKS. 

“The students are progressing well especially in Math,” says Ms. Burns, third grade ESL teacher.  “Reading is still somewhat of a challenge but I do have one ESL student who is the second highest reading student in my class.  In fact all ESL students’ scores have gone up on Star reading and math tests.  I’m looking forward to steady improvements from ESL students for the remainder of this school year.”burns