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eMail KEN BOATMAN Chief of Police 9801
eMail Elizabeth Desrosiers Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police  
eMail DAVID WILLIAMS Sergeant 9802
eMail JEFF FREEMAN Sergeant 9803
eMail SANDY WACHSMANN Corporal 9804
eMail BEN MACIAS Corporal 9808
eMail DONNIE RAMSEY Senior Police Officer 9806
eMail JOSH BOST Senior Police Officer 9812
eMail ALLEN DAVIS Senior Police Officer 9811
eMail CESAR MALDONADO Police Officer 9809
eMail DAVID STEWART Police Officer 9807
eMail JEANETTE SMART Police Officer 9805
eMail SANTIAGO SUAREZ Peace Officer 9813
eMail WILLIAM McKAMEY Peace Officer 9815
eMail MIGDALIA McKNIGHT Peace Officer 9816
eMail DAVID SMITH Peace Officer 9817
eMail MARVIN CASEY Security Guard  
eMail LINDA JACKSON Security Guard  
eMail RANDALL WEIDNER Security Guard  
eMail Aurora FORBES Security Guard  
eMail BRANDON FLETCHER Security Guard  
eMail SEARCY WASHINGTON Security Guard  
eMail SAMUEL BARNETT Security Guard  
eMail LUCY SANCHEZ Secretary Dispatch Substitute